We donate money

We are aware that we are doing exceptionally well financially. Parts of our society are far less fortunate. validAID and our employees donate for multiple charitable causes, i.e. to protect children, for free access to information/education, for medical treatment in conflict areas and for the preservation of endangered species

validAID additionally doubles each donation of its employees (up to 1200€ per year) for any charitable organization of their choosing. 


We spend time (pro bono work)

Supporten by management validAID employees give back to society in order to facilitate the possibility for a brighter future for those less fortunate than us.

validAID encourages any employee to commit time to social- or ecological projects of their own choosing and grants up to 10 days of paid special leave per year for doing so.


We protect our planet

We see with regret, that there is no sincere commitment towards the climate goal to limit global warming to 2°, at least none that is supported by corresponding funding measures.

validAID encourages its employees to use public transportation by covering 100% of the costs.

validAID additionally promotes the adoption or electro-mobility for its employees with up to € 9600 (over a period of 4 years)!



THINK respectful  -  ACT respectful  -  BE respectful



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