May 2020    Our team keeps growing! We are delighted to announce yet another new team member.

Starting July 1st Ms Oksana Sizhuk will be joining our team. She is a Chemical Engineer, completed her doctoral thesis at Merck and has recently returned from volunteering in crisis areas in the Ukraine.


March 2020    Covid-19 forces us to work from home

On March 20th all validAID employees were asked to work from home. All the equipment was packed up and taken home. Regular meetings are being held via Google Hangouts, Trello and Teams. To cheer up our employees and keep the spirit up validAID sponsored a deli basket and a "#StayAtHome" cup for all employees.


Febuary 2020    Wie welcome a our new co-worker Annika Bergmann.

On February 1st our new co-worker Annika Bergmann took up work at validAID. Annika joined our team returning from her parental leave and will support us with her IT and Software Engineering expertise. We are delighted to have her with us and wish her professional and personal success!


December 2019    validAID Christmas Party

This year we chose the bretonic restaurant Blé Noir in Marburg as the location for our Christmas Party. We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed bretonic delicacies like galette and cider. Presents were exchanged and there were some more surprises (siehe Link).


December 2019    Packung Christmas presents for needy children abroad "Christmas in a shoebox"

Some of our employees participated in this years "Christmas in a shoebox" charity. Packaging and storage took place in the validAID offices.


December 2019    Banking Christmas cookies for our clients

As every year we try to return something to our clients for the trusteng Kollaboration in the past year. All of us were banking cookies ourselves, and then together we wrapped the up, added a lottery ticket for the "Aktion Mensch" and handed it all over to our respective contacts at our clients. Of course this also includes the boss. (siehe Link)


December 2019    Supporting the Marburger Tafel at the annual Goose Dinner, Marburg

In December we supported the Marburger Tafel again for ist annual Christmas Gosse Dinner. We made a donation for the event, but also helped serve the meals and drinks (siehe Link).


September 2019    Teamevent cart racing, Hungen

On September 13th we went cart racing for our team event. Sven was so kind to organize everything and he took Great pleasure in "carting". For most of us it was the first time to drive a racing cart but we all greatly enjoyed it (siehe Link).


June 2019    Team workshop to understand and apply the personality model (DICS)

In June we invited the lecturer Ms Annett Machts to have a team workshop for 1,5 days in which we analyzed our personality profiles according to the DICS Model (Dominant / Initiative / Conscientious / Steady) to further strengthen our cooperation as a team and to improve client communication. (see Link)


June 2019    J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2019, Frankfurt

In June all validAID employees participate in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2019 in Frankfurt. Afterwards, we have Pizza and beer.


May 2019     Commenting the draft PIC/S Guideline 041 "Guidance on Data Integrity", Frankfurt

In May the validAID team participates in the 2-day conference for commenting on the draft version of the PIC/S guideline 041 "Guidance on Data Integrity".


April 2019      Teamevent mit secret service  missionim at the Escape Plaza, Gießen-Linden

In April the validAID team joins the secret service and in its first mission can just in time prevent the explosion of the secret service headquarter at Berlin and identify the the culprit. Afterwards, we have dinner at a nearby Fast Food Restaurantt.


March 2019      Participation in the GAMP DACH Conference at Weilburg

In March the validAID team travels to Weilburg to participate in ther GAMP DACH Conference where we participate in the Special Interest Group (SIGs) meetings for Audit Trail Review (Data Integrity) and  Medical Devices.


December 2018    Supporting the Marburger Tafel at the annual Goose Dinner, Marburg

In December the validAID team supports the Marburger Tafel with a financial donation and participates as wait staff during the annual Goose Dinner,


November 2018     Teamevent Mars voyage at 'The Key' Escaperoom, Marburg

Im November we welcomed three new colleagues, Marlen Dalkowski, Sven-Hendric Marx and Melanie Feldmann. To celebrate our team we went on a Mars expedition at The Key. Unfortunately not everything went according to plan, but we managed to regain control over our spaceship just in time for a safe return back to planet Earth and a planned team dinner at the Blé Noir. 


August 2018     Teamevent climbing on 16.08.2018

Great weather, great fun! We had a great time and a super experience climbing together with colleagues as a team. Afterwards, there was delicious food at Danach Marburg's best beer garden, the Dammmühle.


July 2018     Very successful participation in the Job Fair Rhein-Main in Frankfurt

We had a great day at the Staufenbiel Job Fair in the Forum of the Exhibition Center Frankfurt. Our booth was besieged and we were happy to have brought three people to the event to be able to answer the relevant questions of all potential new employees. Now we are looking forward to your application letters because we can hardly wait to onboard you and integrate you into our team. 


July 2018     Jobfair for graduates Rhein-Main at Frankfurt on July, 12th 2018

We invite you to join us!

You are a student, a graduate or just starting out with your career and would like to get to know validAID? Come meet us at the Forum Messe Frankfurt on July, 12th 2018 - you will get to know us personally and maybe we have just the right opportunity waiting for you! Register (free of charge) for the Jobfair and learn about our vacancies right away.

See you in Frankfurt!


June 2018     Successful participation in advanced training: GAMP 5 - practicable application

We sent our colleague Dr. Jan Seibert to Mannheim, to participate in the three day training course "GAMP5 - practicable application" (certified by Concept Heidelberg) and he returned with in-depth knowledge about CSV standards, the V-Model and its agil applications. 


June 2018     Welcome Ms. Isabell Kattler

We are delighted to welcome our new colleague Ms. Isabell Kattler at validAID and we wish her success and fun working with us.


May 2018     validAID supports the Marburger Tafel

As part of this years harbor fair in the Marburg city center the "Marburger Tafel" organized a food distribution in favor of the needy. validAID supported the food distribution and helped make this day a success. (Food Distribution at the "Hafenfest").


May 2018     New hoodies for all our colleagues at validAID

In May we received our new validAID corporate identity hoodies for all our colleagues. According to our credo "We respect our planet" they are made from 100 % Fairtrade-Eco-Cotton and have been GOTS- and Oeko-Tex certified. We so support ecological and socially responsible textile manufacturing, starting from harvesting the ecologically grown crops, to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and finally transparent labelling and fair trading.



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