Our culture builds on respect

We respect our colleagues

We create and maintain a company culture based on trust by open communication and a flat hierarchy. Our error culture is not condemning but always constructive in order to find the best path forward in any situation. 

We allow for errors and discuss them solely in order to learn and improve. 

We promote professional development as well as the development of personal competencies and interests of our employees. Where entrepreneurial and personal goals match motivation and commitment will be encouraged and promoted. 

We value a balanced ratio between time spend working and time spend privately.

We perceive differing personalities and competencies as enriching the quality of our counseling and thus contributing to our economic success.


We respect our customers

Our goal is an effective and lasting partnership with our customers.

We always strive to achieve the optimal results for our customers. We see ourselves as members of a team, that cooperatively and competently counsels in order to achieve significant growth in the productivity of our customers. 

All our actions center around increasing the business success of our partners, as this is how we measure our own success.  

Our quality aspiration, our longstanding experience implementing IT-concepts and customer projects as well as specific customer needs determine our approach.
We develop individual and high-quality solutions for our partners. 

Our process- and industry knowledge make us the ideal partner for our customers.


We respect our society

In full conscience of our individualism we still never forget that we are part of this society.

We feel obliged and committed to its welfare and its success as a whole. We contribute to this by financial, personal und entrepreneurial commitment. 


We respect our planet

We are fully aware of the uniqueness of our planet as well as our responsibility to protect its resources for the well-being of future generations. 

As a company and as individuals we align our decisions and actions according to this responsibility in order to contribute to the continued existence of our planet, all its creatures and our civilization.


THINK respectful  -  ACT respectful  -  BE respectful 



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Helmut M. Rector
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